Kate Kraus

abstract realism oil painter, working from a studio located in the heart of Valachia. 

Welcome to my colorful world!

I have been passionate about creating art my whole life. At a young age, I attended a primary art school where I started to discover my talent.

While studying at the university, I traveled to different countries for her studies and work. These life-changing experiences had a big influence on my personal growth and still greatly impacts my art. Lost in the world, I connected with my true self.

In 2021, I graduated at the Milan Art Institute, US. 

This program completely changed my life. While developing my painting skills and discovering my artistic voice, I have met so many increadible artists from all around the world. It was truly magical experience.


A little insight to my painting process

First layer of a new artowrk are very intuitive and experimental. I love to try new mediums and method how to lay down paint. My favorite mediums for this phase are inks, spray paints, all kind of different markers etc. This phase is full of happy accidents and very expressive and fun.

In the next layers a main concept of the painting is formed and shaped. In this phase the painting is still changing and its final apperance is unknown. It is a magical process based on mututal conversation with the painting, following the lead. 

Now here is the final phase - finishing the paiting in oil colors, working on all these tiny little details that makes the painting complete. When the time is right, the piece is finished and is time for the final ritual.